Hubungan Antara Narsisme dan Motivasi Afiliasi dengan Facebook Addiction

  • Liem Ciang Santoso Universitas 17 Agustus 1945 Surabaya
Keywords: facebook addiction, narcissism, affiliation motivation


This research aim is to know the relationship between narcissism and motivation affiliation with facebook addiction. The most facebook users are adolescents group that has a lot of internet access opportunities. The study subjects were taken adolescents between 15-21 years old. Measuring devices to be used in this study were Likert scale model. Data from the scale deployment will be processed by using regression analysis technique. Calculation based on the data obtained in the research process, it is at the stage of hypothesis testing using multiple regression techniques, the coefficient F = 5.207 to p = 0.006. Because p <0.01, it also shows that there was a significant relationship between narcissism and Motivation Affiliation with Facebook Addiction. The test results contained in the table R2 (R Square) has been obtained R2 of 0.064, meaning the effective contribution of narcissism and motivational variables affiliated with facebook addiction by 6.4%. Partially, Narcissism related to facebook addiction, but partially Affiliation Motivation is not related to facebook addiction.

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Santoso, L. (2023). Hubungan Antara Narsisme dan Motivasi Afiliasi dengan Facebook Addiction. Jurnal Ilmiah Psikologi (JIPSI), 5(1), 10-20.