Menghadapi Tantangan Akademik di Pendidikan Tiggi dengan Self-Compassion

  • Rina Ruth Polla Fakultas Psikologi, Universitas Informatika dan Bisnis Indonesia
Keywords: Self-compassion, self-kindness, common humanity, mindfulness


The higher the level of education, the higher the academic challenges faced. This is experienced by students of the Professional Masters in Psychology who face high demands in their studies. Work practice which is part of the recognition of their obligation to take the Psychology Professional Work Practice (PKPP) course for 3 semesters. When facing academic difficulties, students must also have the endurance to go through and overcome them, therefore students need self-compassion. This research was conducted using the Self-compassion scale measuring instrument from Neff, consisting of 26 items, and has been validated by researchers and has been recognized as equivalent to the original measuring instrument. The research method used was a descriptive study with a survey technique on 20 students of the Professional Masters of Psychology who were taking PKPP courses. The purpose of this study is to get an overview of the degree and dynamics of the components of self-compassion in students. Based on the research that has been done, the results show that 60% of students have low intercorrelation of self-compassion components and 40% have high intercorrelation of self-compassion components. Based on this, it can be concluded that Master of Professional Psychology students who are taking the PKPP course have a low degree of compassion.

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Polla, R. (2023). Menghadapi Tantangan Akademik di Pendidikan Tiggi dengan Self-Compassion. Jurnal Ilmiah Psikologi (JIPSI), 5(1), 35-44.