Rancang Bangun Sistem Informasi Pelayanan Pasien Rawat Jalan Berbasis Web pada Klinik Kimia Farma Purwakarta Menggunakan Metode Extreme Programming

  • Damesinta Purba Teknik Informatika, Sekolah Tinggi Teknologi Wastukancana Purwakarta
  • H. Dayan Singasatia Teknik Informatika, Sekolah Tinggi Teknologi Wastukancana Purwakarta
  • M. Rafi Mutaqqin Teknik Informatika, Sekolah Tinggi Teknologi Wastukancana Purwakarta


The dependency of Klinik Kimia Farma on Microsoft Excel for patient data and medical records has caused issues such as queueing without proper numbering, data discrepancies, and outdated drug stock information. To address these problems, a research project was conducted to develop a web-based outpatient service application using the Extreme Programming (XP) method. In Extreme Programming, several stages are involved, including Planning, Design, Coding, and Testing, which will be applied in the application development process. The resulting application facilitates patient management, queue management with assigned numbers, updates of medical records, payment processes, and pharmacy services. Implementing assigned numbers in the queue significantly reduces waiting time for patients. Moreover, by improving data accuracy and eliminating excessive data, patient information remains consistent. Efficient data search capabilities accelerate access to patient medical records, while reliable reports minimize information errors. Real-time updates on drug stock data enable doctors to make informed decisions based on drug availability. To aid in designing and building the application, researchers utilized PHP programming language with the CodeIgniter framework and incorporated MySQL as the database management system. The successful implementation of this computerized system has significantly enhanced the quality of services and operational efficiency at Klinik Kimia Farma Purwakarta, ultimately improving patient care and overall service delivery. With this web-based application, Klinik Kimia Farma has successfully overcome the challenges faced previously and improved their ability to provide better and more efficient healthcare services. The success of this project demonstrates the importance of structured development methods that focus on customer needs, as advocated by Extreme Programming.