What Are The Implications of Job Satisfaction on Employee Performance?

  • Okta Eka Putra Fakultas Ekonomi dan Bisnis, Universitas Informatika dan Bisnis Indonesia
Keywords: Competence, compensation, job satisfaction, employee


This research is intended to identify, examine, and analyze the effect of competence and employee compensation on job satisfaction and the implications for the performance of production division employees at PT. Tectona Cipta Niaga, Bandung Regency. This research was conducted on all employees of the production division, totaling 80 employees, using saturated sampling. This research uses a survey method with a quantitative approach. The types of research are descriptive research and verificative explanation research. Based on the research findings and discussion, it is known that respondents' responses related to competence, job satisfaction, and employee performance are included in the unfavorable category, while only compensation variables are included in the good category. While partially known, there is an influence of competence on job satisfaction of 44.04%, the effect of compensation on job satisfaction of 15.34%, the effect of job satisfaction on employee performance of 66.75%, and simultaneously, competence and compensation affect the satisfaction of work of 59.38%. Thus, the implications of job satisfaction in this study are proven to be intervening variables on employee performance.